Saturday, 13 October 2012

More Bare Minerals..

Flawless Definition Mascara-

This is only a sample size of the mascara but I was given 2 , which is almost the size of the full mascara I think (happy days!) I have to start of by saying I usually hate spiky plastic bristles because every time I try to use them I end up poking it into my eye, but I actually really like this one! I have short black eyelashes so I like to combo my mascaras to get a more intense look. This mascara is paraben-free and fortified with antioxidants and conditioning extracts which is why my eyelashes don't dry out during the  day. This mascara actually does what it claims to do, as it really gives length and definition to my eyelashes without clumping, at the moment I am using this and the my maybelline 'the volum' falsies flared' which gives it a really dramatic look :) I also use it Lancome Doll eyes which I also got 2 samples of! I would recommend this mascara if you are looking for a natural look or if you want to look like you have naturally long and defined lashes. This mascara retails at approx. €20 :)
Overall, I think this is a really nice natural mascara and combos really well with other mascaras but since I prefere more dramatic looking lashes I'm not sure if I will purchase once this one is gone as I will than also need to buy another 'volume' mascara :)

The Faux Pas Blush-

This is a natural pretty pink blush, The colour looks really nice on the skin, gives a healthy 'flush' and the colour is build able , having said that for the price I would have thought it would be a bit more pigmented, this blush stays put well though. The bareMinerals' READY blush contains proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral™ Complex with antioxidants and cold-pressed camellia oil and also comes in a wide variety of shades ranging from pink shades to bronze :) Bare Minerals claim that the blushes "deliver skin-nourishing benefits for softer, smoother skin while enhancing cheeks with a gorgeous flush of lasting colour", and I do believe that my skin feels softer with a long lasting colour when applied. I really like the idea behind the 'Ready' as when your in a rush minerals seem to spill everywhere! I apply this blush using a regular fluffy brush as I think the compact one can give a streaky effect and it's not the most skin friendly of brushes :P This blush retails for approx. €26.
Overall, I believe this to be a nice blush but at €26 a pop , I think you would be able to find blushes that compare to this one colour-wise for a fraction of the price :)

So far I am really impressed with Bare minerals products!

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bare Minerals..

Bare Minerals 'Get started kit' in medium beige.

Please excuse the products not being in the original packaging , I lost the box!

The ' Get started kit' is 58€ and can be bought at Brown Thomas , Debenhams , Online and many more shops I'm sure :) This is the customizable kit as you choose your correct full size foundation and they just 'pop' it into the box.

This Kit includes-

  • 1 full size foundation (matte or original) that is matched to your skin.
  • 1 medium size MineralVeil (Finishing powder)
  • 1 medium size warmth all-over face cover 
  • 15ml PrimeTime (skin primer)
  • Full flawless face foundation brush
  • Flawless face brush (for lighter coverage, warmth and MineralVeil)
  • 1 maximum coverage concealer brush
  • 1 get started DVD 

A Closer look-

The foundation - Medium Beige Original. 

I really love this foundation and it is defiantly my HG foundation. I have combination/dry skin, it can be quite dry usually but my nose can get a bit oily at times. This foundation blends so-so nicely not cake-y , no streaks and best of all it doesn't go blotchy like many foundations. When I first bought this I was a bit worried it would seem powdery when I applied it but nope it really gives a flawless finish! I apply this using the full flawless face brush using the 'Swirl.Tap&Buff' method. To get a full coverage you will need to repeat that around 3 times :) Also I love to combo my foundations and this looks really lovely over my Maybelline foundation which i will review soon :) This foundation is actually good for your skin (for a foundation anyways) as it is made from minerals and I can honestly say I haven't had as many spots since I've used this. This foundation stays on really well - especially when used with the primer and veil. If you are considering trying mineral foundations i would defiantly recommend this one :)

Mineral Veil-

MineralVeil is the setting/ finishing powder used over your foundation, it minimises fine lines , absorbs oils and softens your complexion and give a more flawless finish while helping your make-up to stay put. A little goes a long way with this so make sure you don't waste it! This is a really fine powder and I really love how it looks on the skin :) I wouldn't use anything else to set my makeup :)


This is a clear gel primer that glides on silky-smooth and when combined with the mineral veil it really keeps your foundation on all day/night. As far as primers go I like this one but having said that I don't really use primers usually so I have nothing to compare it too :P Like the mineralVeil a little goes a long way with this. I'm not quite sure if I will buy the full size one once this is gone though.


I like this product for giving a healthy glow and colour to the skin (which I need -especially during the Winter months as i tend to look 'washed-out!') I must warn you though you need a really light hand to apply this! I use the flawless face brush to apply this and I apply it in the figure 3 either side of my face :) Warmth has nice sheen to it and is a really warm brown colour (Obvs) At first I didn't really like this but as I got to use it I began to love it, although I wish you could choose between the Faux tan and warmth as I hear Faux tan is a lot lighter :P 

The Brushes-

The flawless face is used to apply wamth, mineralVeil and for a lighter coverage foundation. The quality of the brush is nice, the brush is fanned out (thinner when turned on its side) and domed. When I first bought this brush I loved it as it was the perfect length didn't shed and was so soft, but after several washes the bristles get really dry and almost scrap the skin. Having said that it is (suprisingly) the best brush for bare minerals as it doesn't waste any of the product.

I really like this brush, it gives a full even coverage and is so soft, this brush is a lot thicker and less fanned that the flawless face brush.

Finally, the max coverage concealer brush, the bristles are really compact which mean full coverage. I love this concealer brush as it gives a really good coverage and is a nice size too , I actually find this brush also works great with cream/liquid concealers. I would defiantly recommend this brush!

Well thats my review to the Bare Minerals 'Get Started kit'

Overall I love this kit and I think it is defiantly worth the money, It feels so nice on the skin and is now my HG foundation, If you are considering Bare Minerals get this kit!

Sorry for not blogging in over 2 weeks, I have been so busy! 

My next blog will be more Bare Minerals ;) 

Thanks for reading!

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